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Youth Homelessness – Causes & Effects :

Young people can become homeless for a variety of reasons which include running away form home, being abandoned by parents or guardians. Once homeless, few safety nets are available for young people who are still financially, emotionally and legally dependent on adults. Without resources, an adequate support system, and the skills to live independently, the streets can become only option for homeless youth.

Effects of Youth Homelessness : Homelessness has a serious impact on both the young people affected and the wider society.

Restricted access to learning : Homeless young people are much more likely to be not in education, employment or training.

Barriers to work : Poor qualifications and high support needs make it difficult for homeless young people to find work.

Crime : Poverty and desperation means some homeless young people turn to crime. This further decreases the chances of escaping their situation.

Our Projects

Job Training and Employment

Most of the Homeless young men and women have little work experience and few of the skills employers are looking for. They lack confidence and are often ill-prepared to get along in the workplace. Getting them out of homelessness is only a start: they need to acquire the tools that build a future. When homeless youth receive employment training along with education, their chances of success increase dramatically. Through our job training and employment programme, homeless young people can gain job skills and also learn what they need to know about job hunting and the professional world. The project help them prepare résumés, and also refer them to local employers.

Homeless Youth Literacy Program

This Program is for homeless young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who lack the reading ,writing, and / or math skills needed for economic development

Housing, Mental Health Counselling and Other Social Support

Working together with local communities and connecting homeless young people with community resources to promote success.

Protect homeless young people by finding them emergency shelter or a place to call home.

Preventing young people becoming homeless by rebuilding family relationships and mental health counselling.

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